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Progress on Blog Migration

I’ve got to scurry to church, but first, thanks to Steve “See Also” Lawson for the additional CSS to convert my stylesheet to liquid layout.

Forgive the eschatological bent of this item’s category (“lastentries”); I found a technique for exporting entries in a specific category, and I’ll use it to update the test blog before blowing away the old blog.

I created a custom 404 file but am scratching my head over the redirect to it. I made a .htaccess file (I’m not using dynamic publishing so no, I didn’t overwrite an existing .htaccess :> ), created 404.php, uploaded both into the freerangelibrarian.testblog directory, and chmod’ed the files to the correct permissions. The custom 404 has a .php extension because that’s what I am using with all my files, and it looks fine. The .htaccess file has this line in it:

ErrorDocument 404 /404.php

But that’s not what shows up if I intentionally mangle the directory or post path; I get a generic Movable Type error:

The requested page could not be found.
Page not found – /testblog/2006/02/

I don’t even know what’s generating that.

I will be using the same .htaccess for my RSS file redirects, so I suppose I’m glad I hit this problem right now. Is this a path issue?

I based the custom error message on a tutorial from Learning Movable Type on … I greatly appreciate this site, but I notice another person had posted an unanswered question with my problem, and wonder if it’s a 3.2 issue or related to Dreamhost paths. I’ll try poking around the MT discussion groups, and will also change the path from relative to absolute.

And now off to a discussion about Poverty and Social Justice.

Good news: my new crontab works just fine, so I can continue to schedule posts.

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