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Update: KQED will fix spots, credit MPOW

Yes, KQED will fix the radio spots and give us credit. Our rep was properly apologetic. I still want to wrap my hands around the neck of whoever read MPOW‘s URL wrong and hiss in his ear, “I’ll do what I can to see a typo on your gravestone someday.” That, I have decided, would […]

Big MPOW Booboo on KQED

I was so incredibly proud of myself for getting radio spots for MPOW on our local NPR affiliate, which has a huge readership. So I was cleaning my office and listening to a show about intelligent design when I heard the spot read aloud. I puffed with pride, I strutted around my office… and then […]

Blog Migration Update

So, the bad news is I can’t use a custom 404 page, because my ISP runs PHP as a cgi. (If you don’t know what that means… well, trust me, it’s for my own good.) The good news is that plain ol’ redirects work just fine, meaning I can do the RSS feed redirects I […]

A Million Little Untruthinesses

A few months ago, I was talking with my summer advisor about the problem of truth in nonfiction, and she told me that it’s usually obvious when writing students make stuff up. It’s never as interesting, she said. I thought about that today when I read that the Smoking Gun has accused James Frey of […]

Progress on Blog Migration

I’ve got to scurry to church, but first, thanks to Steve “See Also” Lawson for the additional CSS to convert my stylesheet to liquid layout. Forgive the eschatological bent of this item’s category (“lastentries”); I found a technique for exporting entries in a specific category, and I’ll use it to update the test blog before […]

Brian Kenney on Gay Teens, Speaking Truth to Power

In his editorial, Do the Right Thing, Kenney concludes, “It takes guts to create libraries that support the needs of all our students. It takes even more guts to support collections that may attract fierce opposition. But that just happens to be our job.” I cannot tell you how many times I have been told […]

Perfectly Potter

Had a wonderful time at Harry Potter 4 (even though we could hear small children crying, but hey, this is so clearly not a movie for small children, and what were they doing out so late?). Sandy kept asking “Where’s Ralph Fiennes?” I hope Fiennes is on good terms with children in his family, because […]

When Analog met Digital: Michaels Golrick and Stephens Talk L2

I heard a voice from the past when I read Michael Golrick’s comments to Michael Stephens in this TechSource interview: “At the same time, I do not disagree with what I see as the underlying thought behind of L2: excellent customer service.” The voice was that of Marvin Scilken, a beloved librarian pioneer who for […]

FRL Style

For anyone interested in converting FRL’s style template for the forthcoming blog (test site here) to a liquid design, here is the ‘Classy’ Theme CSS and the Base-weblog.css. I had been using another design, but saw another library blog using my selection and decided we simply CANNOT wear the same dress to the party! I […]

Prepare Ye the Way! FRL on the Move

Sometime in the next four days I’m migrating this blog. It should be ALMOST seamless, using the same website,, with one exception: unless there are strenuous objections, I am streamlining so there is one RSS feed, version 2.0, full text, with comments and support for media enclosures, and the old RSS feed filenames will […]