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FRL Style

For anyone interested in converting FRL’s style template for the forthcoming blog (test site here) to a liquid design, here is the ‘Classy’ Theme CSS and the Base-weblog.css. I had been using another design, but saw another library blog using my selection and decided we simply CANNOT wear the same dress to the party! I plan to prink a few other things in the stylesheets, such as bolding the headers, but at least for now, Classy it is.

Responding to a private question: in Movable Type, if you use StyleCatcher, these files are kept in a “themes” directory and are called by the main stylesheet. It took me several tries to get the paths and permissions correct, so if you’re getting errors, feel free to send them to me, on the blog or privately, and I’ll help you out.

I’m also trying to create a set of links to the About page, etc. the “right” way, not just linking to the URL. If you have this template tag down pat, let me know. I’m using MTEntry tags in 3.17, but seems to work differently in MT 3.2.

I also plan to trim down the number of categories, changing some to subcategories.

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