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Prepare Ye the Way! FRL on the Move

Sometime in the next four days I’m migrating this blog. It should be ALMOST seamless, using the same website,, with one exception: unless there are strenuous objections, I am streamlining so there is one RSS feed, version 2.0, full text, with comments and support for media enclosures, and the old RSS feed filenames will point (be redirected) to the new feed. I will continue to use the same URL for the Atom feed.

For you who read FRL through feeds without ever visiting the site itself, I strongly encourage you to check the website for Free Range Librarian next Monday to see if you are missing any posts. Things should be smoothed out by then.

Also, if you are all interested in an act of mercy, I have a Movable Type CSS template with dimensions in absolutes, and I would like it to be relative. I have no design sense. Movable Type doesn’t offer stylesheets in relative measurements, though the Style Generator offers a “liquid design” option. I tried creating a stylesheet through the Style Generator and it was uglier than King Kong. I plan to go to a three-column approach; if you’re using RSS, you won’t care, and if you’re following the website, you’ll see the features that now fall below the fold, such as Comments and On This Day. Anyway, if you like changing pixels to percentages, Help Wanted.

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