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Movable Type 3.2 Installed

I started at 8:30, and by 9 p.m. I had completed a fresh install of Movable Type 3.2. It probably would have gone slower as an upgrade, but for some time I’ve been planning to move FRL’s installation onto, part of a longer-range plan to mothball’s site and redirect requests for bluehighways to FRL, so it was easier just to start over.

I still haven’t migrated Free Range Librarian–you’re reading this on version 3.17–but you can see the test blog I’m using as a staging ground for the final migration. Don’t be put off by whatever design is on there when you look; I’ve been rotating through close to twenty designs and plan to look for more.

The new version has many improvements, with a far more intuitive interface, many small but pleasant and/or crucial design changes, much better plugin management, and–finally–internally-managed spam control. I’m glad to see SixApart finally recognize comment and trackback spam as a problem it needs to solve.

Next I installed and played with StyleCatcher, browsed for more plugins, used’s helpful instructions to flesh out the RSS 2 feed so it shows full posts plus comments, and configured Brad Choate’s “On This Day” plugin, which displays posts from the same date in earlier years. I predated a post on the test blog just to see if it works… and it does.

I want to keep playing, but my eyelids are turning to cement. The cruelty of adulthood is when you finally get old enough to stay up as late as you want, your body betrays you.

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