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When Analog met Digital: Michaels Golrick and Stephens Talk L2

I heard a voice from the past when I read Michael Golrick’s comments to Michael Stephens in this TechSource interview: “At the same time, I do not disagree with what I see as the underlying thought behind of L2: excellent customer service.”

The voice was that of Marvin Scilken, a beloved librarian pioneer who for forty years ran his own “Library 2.0” campaign. I can hear Marvin’s voice rasping over the phone, “The bottom line is public service. You hear me, Karen? A library, it doesn’t have a book that suddenly shows up on the best-seller list, that director should run to the nearest bookstore and buy two copies. Karen, you hear me?”

I hear you, Marvin. Like Michael Golrick, Marvin was a non-techy administrator. Marvin didn’t even grok email, let alone the Web. But Marvin believed in many principles of service that I see reiterated in a new framework in the ideas proposed in Library 2.0.

I have a longer piece I’m working on about L2, probably not for this blog, but I felt such a moment of warmth, remembering Marvin, that I just had to share.

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