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Big MPOW Booboo on KQED

I was so incredibly proud of myself for getting radio spots for MPOW on our local NPR affiliate, which has a huge readership. So I was cleaning my office and listening to a show about intelligent design when I heard the spot read aloud. I puffed with pride, I strutted around my office… and then I collapsed in my office chair, aghast that despite a month of careful coaching the radio host read the URL as “el el eye dot org,” not “el eye eye dot org.”

In case anyone out there thinks I was anything less than scrupulous, I made a point of emphasizing that it’s el-eye-eye, and in the last email to me, just five days ago, my contact carefully noted (because I had raised the point so often she probably thought it was a verbal tic), “L-I-I dot org.”

Now, don’t even get me started about the challenge of promoting a website with a nine-syllable three-word name of faintly fustian flavor. Please, just do not go there or I will implode. I do not want to implode. I want to Keep It Together. Mildly kludgy name and all, I really was psyched about these radio spots on behalf of dear ol’ MPOW, and now I’m half tempted to drive forty miles into the city, right this minute, and hold up signs that say O.K., YOU DON’T ANSWER YOUR PHONES AFTER “BUSINESS HOURS” BUT PLEASE STOP READING THE WRONG URL? PLEASE? PLEASE???

I think I’m entitled to an on-air correction and a credit for the spots read wrong. Come to that, I’m also entitled to a soft pink blanky, a large order of fries from In-N-Out, and a bottle of Drambuie with a straw. But I’ll take the correction and the credit.

Of course, I have a board meeting in the morning. I plan to rip out my liver with a pair of pliers so I will be conveniently inconvenienced. “Karen cannot be disturbed right now. She’s in ICU.” The very words comfort me.

Intelligent design? Oh ho, I think not.

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