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My ALA Schedule

Prior to ALA Midwinter, I will spend three days among the metarati at a grant meeting, so my quick tour at ALA is not out of funding issues or boredom, but simply because after a week away I will be ready to return to MPOW and the family hearth.


Arrive 7-ish
Drinky-poos and dinner with R&L


Exhibits, vendor one-on-ones
1 p.m. Lunch w/SL and JZ
Afternoon: WTTF
Evening: Dinner with Shib and Verde contacts


Top Tech Trends 8-10
BIGWIG 10:30 – 12:30
ALA Pub Folks Lunch
Varied mtgs
GLBTRT Social Seattle PL


8-10 ALA Membership TF

Fly home, get ready to buy computers…

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