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Midwinter parties: PUBLIB and OCLC Blog Salon

Ok, two late-breaking events: PUBLIB Friday 5:30 – 7; OCLC Blog Salon, Saturday 8 – whenever.

1. PUBLIB’s party: PUBLIB has been meeting at ALA almost continuously since 1992. This ALA Marilyn Sheck of SPL did the legwork but I have not done the posting. (Ok… I could grumble that nobody takes this ball and runs with it if I don’t do it. Grumble. There you go.) In any event, if any of you PUBLIB people didn’t catch this on on the list, here ’tis.

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brwry

1333 5th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 623-3070

2. OCLC’s Blog Salon: also a belated announcement. Some of us should have whined. Per today’s post: “The Blog Salon will be in room 3028, the OCLC Blue Suite, Saturday beginning around 8pm. The Sheraton is under construction so you come in at street level and need to go up to the ballroom level (2) to get an elevator.”

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