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Change is Good (Homebrew Den Moves)

Homebrew Den

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Local beer brewers, winemakers, and rootbeer makers, rejoice: Homebrew Den, our local homebrew store, has moved from cramped quarters in a sketchy strip mall to a lovely big store on Market Street, in a mall near Mosaic and Momo’s, near the Market Square stores on Timberlane.

A good homebrew store is like a good library — it’s mostly about the experience. The people at Homebrew Den have always been wonderful, and their kits, ingredients, and equipment are impeccable. But it feels so good to walk into their new store. It’s clean and bright and easy to walk around, and you can see and touch all the goodies.

It’s a location that also reflects well on me, their customer — a place I can brag about visiting and recommend to others who are interested in making beer or wine. It helps that the new store is in one of my favorite parts of town, right smack in my Saturday morning workflow.

Can you say the same about your library? Your website? Your OPAC?

I wonder about the moment they decided to move. It must have been scary. There were probably some naysayers, and they probably had some dark nights of the soul. But they decided to change. Where they are is beautiful, and it makes beermaking feel like a fun grownup hobby (which it is). Bring a friend and find out! (More pictures on Flickr)

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