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Category Archives: Gormangate

Language Log and Gormangate

Language Log has quoted me on my latest Gormangate post (and cites Dan Lester as well). Naturally I am preening to be quoted in Language Log at all–a pride of place which may underscore why I will never become Stephanie Klein–but I am also happy that through this link, Language Log is providing a door […]

Google Print: Worse than the Patriot Act!

It’s only one month into his regime, and I’m already wincing. An interview with Michael Gorman gives the impression his goal for the year is ensuring that “The Education for Henry Adams” isn’t digitized. The sad part is I’m sure during the interview Gorman spent far more time talking about the Patriot Act than about […]

Parsing Gorman

For an essay I’m revising, I have been buried in the history of women in the military, from Civil War soldiers to modern-day aviators. Every night I read, I write, I read, I write. Tonight I’m going to plotz and blog for a bit (I’ll schedule this post for the morning). I love my research […]

Michael Gorman: I Will Show You Fear in a Handful of Library Dust

From a Chronicle of Higher Ed article, One College Librarian Worries About ‘Atomizing’ Books … (the article will soon disappear behind the fee-based veil, though you might be able to dig it up via one of those expensive databases your library licenses): “Wouldn’t it be better for [Google] to work on, quote, cataloging the Web, […]

Signifyin’ Cronin: The Un-Gate

In his first piece about blogging, Blaise Cronin, dean of Indiana’s SLIS, insulted bloggers in a low-power imitation of Gorman’s earlier cerebral flatulence. Both pieces had the same elements: a mocking definition; wild, vague critiques of blogs; an unfamiliarity with modern technology alarming for a major figure in librarianship. Both pieces grew legs and walked […]

Hot Topics for DuPage Webcast

A wee mouse pointed me to an upcoming webcast featuring a discussion of “hot topics” and “technology” in librarianship. No disrespect to the panelists, but since this webcast is billed as “ideal for librarians who have been unable to attend conferences and workshops,” I wish this group could be broadened to include someone who was […]

Gorman, On Reflection

This is post-game analysis of what I now call (albeit very tongue in cheek) Gormangate. I expect I won’t have anything else to write on this issue for a while, if again, unless we hear a retraction or explanation from Gorman. First, ALA’s own governing body has largely ignored this issue. This is not surprising, […]