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Top Technology Trends: Speak to me, oh FRL Readers

I’m starting way, way late on this thread. I don’t leave for ALA until Saturday morning, and I’ve been distracted by things at My Place Of Work (MPOW) and elsewhere. Plus my brain is blank. White, Arctic, empty-screen, blank. All I can think is this: Librarianship is finally moving into the second person plural. We […]

Top Technology Trends: Drivers Wanted

As I did last year, in preparation for 20 minutes on a panel at ALA where I make a fool of myself, I’m again soliciting your input for the top technology trends influencing all things Library. Also like last year, I’m tentatively throwing out a few of my own, with the caveat that after nearly […]

Top Tech Translated

I just explained myself a little better in the post on Top Tech Trends. Thanks for keeping me honest and real… it’s easy to fall into inscrutable geek-speak. Bookmark to:

Comments Welcomed: Top Tech Trends at ALA

Update: I agree with the assessment (shared in msbosh’s comment, below) that I wrote this post in Computer Klingon without enough emphasis on more fundamental technology issues. I’m adding some clarification. ———— I’m cautiously opening comments on this post, and will watch the resources on the evaluation server Dreamhost has parked me on. You’d do […]

Top Technology Trends Solicited

I’m an “expert” who will be presenting at LITA’s Top Technology Trends this coming weekend (Sunday, 8:30-11, Sheraton Constitution BR). The trends are those that affect or are important to libraries (that’s broad, huh?). I have my own ideas for trends, but what do YOU think? Here are a few of my ideas, to get […]

Top Trendsetter!

I am so honored to note that I’ve been appointed to the LITA Top Technology Trends committee. “At each ALA MidWinter Conference, a group of LITA leaders who are acknowledged for their reputations and expertise in the library and information technology fields meets to hammer out what they believe to be top technology trends librarians […]