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Top Technology Trends Solicited

I’m an “expert” who will be presenting at LITA’s Top Technology Trends this coming weekend (Sunday, 8:30-11, Sheraton Constitution BR). The trends are those that affect or are important to libraries (that’s broad, huh?).

I have my own ideas for trends, but what do YOU think?

Here are a few of my ideas, to get you started:

Blogs everywhere, for everything
RSS going mainstream
Flash drives ubiquitous
Storage getting cheaperncheaper
Cell phones with cameras
Ergo, moblogging
Broadband picks up many more users
Wi-fi commonplace
The rise of the “citizen journalist”

I know I’m supposed to say something hifalutin like “institutional repositories,” and don’t let me stop you from saying so, but in terms of BIG trends, these are what I really see. The “huh” factor for most of these technologies and trends has significantly diminished, mainstream magazines and news sources write about them, and my mom has heard of most of them.

What would you add?

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