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ALA OITP Supports Blogging Conference

ALA has two radically different sides: the hoop-skirted ALA of obtusely backward policies designed to keep us doing things The Way We’ve Always Done Them, and the oh-so-in-the-know Beltway-savvy Office of Information Technology Policy, which wisely ignores ALA and does its own thing. Now OITP is supporting a blogging conference, “Blogging, Journalism & Credibility,” to be held just days after the conclusion of ALA Midwinter. I’ll be in Boston until Friday evening, and boy, would I love to get to this conference; it would segue nicely with several writing projects I’m working on, and it sounds so, well, cool. At the very least, I’ll try tracking the conference via my Treo; I know the conference will be “webcast,” but even better would be if it were podcast in a way I could pick up via Realplayer for Palm. Meanwhile, you may want to tune in to this conference as well.

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