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Prayer for a Small Child in Crisis

This is for a very small child and all who gather around her tonight, in presence and in prayer.

She is ill with a disease only adults usually get.

Parts of her body are failing. Doctors tried to administer medicine, but found another medical problem that meant they had to hold off for now.

Tonight the doctors tried to give her an angiogram, but one of her lungs collapsed, so she is now on a breathing machine.

She’s only three years old.

God, I question your existence when small children go through pain. But I’ll trust you to be with this child tonight, and all around her, and all the doctors and nurses and assistants who care for her, and her sister and brother and the uncle who loves her so much he has asked me for my prayers.

I understand you are not the Great Candyman in the Sky, and that you do not mete out health and happiness to the pious and deserving. But it can be hard to understand that the same world you created is the same world where a three year old can suffer. Nevertheless, on her behalf, and on behalf of the widening circle of people on her watch, I will keep listening for your voice.

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