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The Disappearing Right Column on FRL

It’s happened again; the right column on this blog no longer appears in IE, though I see it just fine in FireFox and can see it in the source code. Update: with this post, now it’s back. Wonder what the heck’n is goin’ on?

Now, I know that a web page should validate, for a’ that, for a’ that. But ye noble FRL readers who validate code in your sleep and could write a well-formed RSS 2 feed by hand at gunpoint: of the twelve errors and assorted warnings kicked out by the W3C validator, do you see one that would cause the right column to disappear? Something in a post, perhaps (since I haven’t tinkered with the templates since early January)?

I have discovered that Flickr posts generate invalid code, and that every widget I’ve added to FRL has had some kind of problem with it that I mean to fix… after May 10. Furthermore, I see embedding errors created while writing posts; Movable Type won’t warn you if it creates bad markup (markup you don’t see internally). But this is the second time I’ve seen this happen. I thought I fixed it last time by reapplying the stylesheet and rebuilding, but I’m now guessing that was just coincidental.

I suppose I could add a note, “Optimized for FireFox!”

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