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L1 vs. L2: Adapted from O’Reilly

Library 1.0 versus Library 2.0: some examples (some from olden days)…

I adapted this list (which I will also discuss) from the original article about Web 2.0 by Tim O’Reilly… Any other examples?

Closed stacks –> Open stacks
Collection development –> Library suggestion box
Preorganized ILS –> User tagging
Walk-in services –> Globally available services
“Read-only” catalog –> Amazon-style comments
Print newsletter mailed out –> Team-built blog
Easy = dumb users –> Easy = smart systems
Limited service options –> Broad range of options
Information as commodity –> Information as conversation
Monolithic applications –> Flexible, adaptive modules
Mission focus is output –> Mission focus is outcome
Focus on bringing ‘em in –> Focus on finding the user
ILS is core operation –> User services are core

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