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Monthly Archives: October 2006

ALA is Annoying Me or Creeping Me Out–Take Your Pick!

Remember the post on September 22 about my ALA profile change not sticking the first time? Since I logged back in that day after updating and viewed the changes, I felt reassured that at last, after protracted dorking around on company time (which is time I like to use for MY company, not for ALA), […]

South Africa SLIS Follow-up 2: Five Weeks to a Social Library

Another way for you folks from South Africa to follow up on the ideas from last week’s preconference is to attend Five Weeks to a Social Library, a FREE online class that will take place between February 12 and March 17, 2007 and will be limited to forty participants. So sign up NOW! The instructors […]

I’ll Fly Away

That’s the hymn I sang to myself last night as we dished up six huge pans of vegetarian chili at the homeless shelter in Frenchtown. The question about one HDMI connector or two on the big-screen TV can seem pretty small when you’re serving up a hot meal to someone whose life is stuffed into […]

South Africa SLIS Follow-Up 1: Michael Stephens’ “Web 2.0 and Libraries”

I have several more goodies to follow up my talk in South Africa–two PowerPoints, and a long post with tips for activities–but the most important tip I have is to buy this report. I am generally disposed to give friends’ books good reviews (and let’s not pretend that doesn’t happen), but in this case, Michael […]

SLIS South Africa Presentation

SLIS South Africa Presentation Originally uploaded by freerangelibrarian. What a great crowd! They are becoming Library 2.0 rough-and-tough! Bookmark to:

It’s Easy To Blog!

Helloooooooooooooooooooooo South Africa! Bookmark to:

All the Pretty Horses

All the Pretty Horses (Vintage International) by Cormac Mccarthy Miriam reminds me how stale my reviews are. I read All The Pretty Horses over a month ago, then got halfway through The Crossing before I got tired of the wolf (if you’ve read The Crossing, my guess is you really like the wolf or you […]

Tallahassee Nonfiction Workshop: Drivers Wanted

I sent this in to the Tallahassee Writer’s Association newsletter, but heck–why not post it here and see what floats up? Feel free to share elsewhere. Seeking (or prepared to establish) a local Tallahassee-area workshop for serious writers of creative nonfiction (essays, memoir, nonfiction stories, travel writing, etc.) working on short or book-length manuscripts and […]

Children’s Time 10/1/06

… when I get back from South Africa I’m going to share a “Christianity 2.0” template plan with Sandy… things she’s talked about (a blog, a YouTube account, etc.) but as part of a tech plan. Bookmark to:

Christianity 2.0

The United Church of Christ is soliciting members to create short videos on YouTube. For that matter, the UCC has its own YouTube space. With the help of a young sidekick (code name Fellini–he’s a librarian’s son, too) I’ve been taping services since we got here earlier this month with an eye to putting the […]