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Category Archives: Family Values

Sitting Here in Limbo

On the final approach to SFO last night the fog was as beautiful as I had ever known it, a thick white sateen rope draped casually on the mountains, and the rumpled waters of the Bay were sparkling, and it was all so beautiful I was torn between looking and not looking, knowing this was […]

2,923 Miles Later…

We decided to beat Ernesto to the punch, wherever he was going, and pushed to get to Tallahassee a day and a half ahead of schedule. It’s been a good trip (and I’m not done–I soon return to California, wrap things up, then fly back). I’m going to put up my feet and read a […]

Moving Along

Did you notice there are two lesbian couples in the NYT’s wedding announcements this morning? (This is how I start Sundays: flipping to the back of the Styles section and counting the gay wedding announcements. Then I read Modern Love and feel superior or jealous, depending on the essay.) Yesterday we turned a corner. Now […]

Bank error in our favor…

Well, not exactly, but the MFA office–which is almost always as trusty as an atomic clock–sent out a message this evening saying that they had made a mistake in a message last month; the second-year readings are being held on August 23 and 24, not 24 and 25. Every day counts for our Excellent Adventure […]

Karen and Sandy’s Excellent Adventure

Transparency is all the rage, and a couple of friends have urged me to share all the details of our move to Tallahassee. I would never do that to you. Moving is gross. It’s dirty, tiring, and irritating. As someone pointed out yesterday, pretty soon after you start packing you get into this weird displacement […]

Cats, Bags, and Life

The cat is now out of the bag, an expression our cats can relate to, since they love sitting in paper bags. There are days I wish I could join them. Anyway, Team MPOW got the early warning, a few close friends were alerted, the advisory board just got their heads-up… the upshot: we’re moving, […]

Hiatus of a summer’s eve

Not much of a hiatus, by FRL values, but expect a bit of a pause, more about that later. In any event, here are some kibbles and bits: I was quoted defending the First Amendment in the Tallahassee Democrat. (I do like to read newspapers, you know.) I am quite, quite brain-dead from a delightfully […]

Heroine for an Hour

I’m sure I’ll be in the doghouse soon enough, for towels left on the floor or checking email when I was supposed to be listening, but right now I’m a heroine. All I did was install iTunes on Sandy’s laptop. A year ago she migrated from an aging laptop and a really senile desktop to […]

Isn’t It Romantic?

Somehow I missed that today was the 14th. Oops. But through a series of what are now fortunate events, we ended up with a brand-new disposal today, and I am the heroine who sat in the living room chipping away at the MPOW rock pile while the plumbers plumbed, patiently agreeing with their advice (which […]