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New Zealand Itinerary, First Draft

As this month’s personal hobby, I am working on finalizing our travel plans to New Zealand. Things are starting to swing into focus. My goal is: have a wonderful experience at LIANZA; meet many fantastic librarians; see libraries; see a wonderful country; get some quality time with Sandy; chill out… I realized as I was […]

Ruminating over Leadership

During Holy Week, I am making a short pilgrimage to the ER&L Conference in Austin to participate in a panel on leadership with Bonnie Tijerina and Char Booth. We met last week to explore this panel and review possible questions we’d field. I think particularly for women, the hardest part of leadership is owning it. […]

Chauncey Bailey: Paying the Price for Free Speech

Last week, investigative reporter Thomas Peele  gave a talk at my library (Holy Names University) about his book, Killing the Messenger. I re-read the book this weekend to remind me of the details. In doing so, one of the key ‘details” that made my reacquaintance was the life and death of Chauncey Bailey. Bailey wasn’t […]

Burnt Offering

These days Sandy and I are working on estate planning, which with each new email or delivery from our diligent lawyer plunges us into gloom. How nice to know we have things wrapped up in every imaginable angle! If I die! If she dies! If we both die simultaneously! If we are dining with my […]

Coda to Candidates: After the Interview

Jenica has a post about applying to academic library jobs well worth reading by anyone in the job market. But in my head I’ve been writing the following post for a very long time… so out with it. Once you have interviewed for a library position, you have established a relationship with that institution and […]

ebooks, pbooks, mebooks, and parrots

Here is a very interesting question others have posed: are libraries that license ebooks through Overdrive violating state patron-privacy laws because Amazon retains user data? (For context, Sarah Houghton-Jan, who last spring proposed an eBook User’s Bill of Rights, recently taped a video recording her thoughts about the Overdrive-Amazon deal enabling Overdrive books to be […]

My ALA 2011 Annual Schedule

This year I’m doing a core dump from the scheduler — I just don’t have time for anything else. See you there! Happy Hour (LITA) Friday, 06/24/2011 – 5:30pm – 8:00pm Offsite Location – Howlin’ Wolf Den Tbl 1 (High Priority) Social event Here’s your chance to catch-up with your LITA friends, and maybe make […]

Thoroughly Modern Karen: A Response to Jeff Trzeciak

The latest kerfuffle from LibraryLand comes courtesy Jeff Trzeciak, university “librarian” at McMaster’s, whose recent speech has garnered tart responses from other librarians and library directors (spoiler alert: count this as another notch on that post). I have this theory that an uncomfortably high percentage of research library directors are fundamentally very anxious about their […]

The Harper Collins Boycott, and What 26 Checkouts Look Like

Over last weekend, while librarian outrage over HarperCollins’ decision to limit ebook loans (among other restrictions) grew, librarians Brett Bonfield and Gabriel Farrel launched a project, Boycott HarperCollins. Kate over at the Loose Cannon Librarian sums up the rationale for joining the boycott as well as I could state it, and this week I’m too […]

In Praise of Succeeding

Last weekend on Twitter I saw a post:  “Tell me your favorite books on failing and failure, especially as it relates to innovation and leadership.”  I responded with this comment: “another blog post I don’t have time 2 write: how failure is overrated, & often confused w iterative design.” I got up a little earlier […]