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BlogHer: Hey, Ya Gotta Go!

I had a 70’s-style “click” a couple of days ago when I went to the Creative Commons site to investigate a CC license for the forthcoming LITA blog and was assailed by so many pictures of men and reference to works by men I began to wonder if CC is actually copyright for the XY-chromosome crowd. So I was happy to learn about BlogHer, a women’s blogging conference happening Saturday, July 30 right here on the Peninsula, as people say in these parts. Also, Mena Trott, the distaff half of the Six Apart founding team, is sponsoring registration for five women “from our community,” which I think means you use Movable Type or TypePad. That’s a neat thing for her to do.

Full disclosure: Yesterday I applied for a Six Apart scholarship to BlogHer because it sounded cool to add to my c.v., and then in a fit of guilt wrote Six Apart today to say I could afford to send myself (particularly at the student rate of $21.73, and given that I live a stone’s throw from the conference). I am definitely on a budget (and in denial about the student loans I piled up last year), but I know what it’s like for $99 to be a really, really big deal, and I’d rather see the scholarship go to someone in that boat.

You do not, repeat not need to be an member of the Blogarati or have a huge blogging audience to attend Blogher. (I still remember when a Very Famous Journalist remarked that he was glad I had mentioned him on my blog but boy, it would be really great if Jenny Levine mentioned him.) You don’t even need to be female. You just need to be interested in the nexus of women and blogging. Topics range from mommy-blogging to techno-blogging, hiphop blogging, etc. The schedule looks great, and the pre-conf dinner on the 29th sounds fun, too.

I’ll be there. Are you going?

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