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Librarything Goodies, Great post from Jenny

Jenny Levine has a great post (among many other recent great posts in this vein) about striking a balance with the online life… I write that thinking, I really should link to all those other posts, but I’ve been dogging it all day getting ready for NASIG and writing two pieces, and I’d really rather get to the Y and read The American Scholar.

Meanwhile, i have concluded that the WordPress book plugin I’m using is just not cutting it. It’s not you, plugin, it’s all my fault; I don’t read that way (planned, reading, finished). I suck up books haphazardly… last night I read a few pages from the Wonder Boys, I read some Munro stories and then returned the book to the library, and may or may not choke down some Susan Sontag.

So I’m experimenting with a LibraryThing tool, and if I like it I’ll add to my WordPress theme sidebar this weekend. Maybe I’m really lucky and someone widgetized it already… it’s flexible and fun. Shall I list the most recent books, or random? I also tagged the Librarything books I own, and will start adding liberry books I’ve actually read all or in part.

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