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On the road again…


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Heading off to NASIG with a disheveled pile of notes to pull into Saturday’s keynote… but I’ve been reading The American Scholar instead of plowing through PowerPoint. Wendy Smith on her third reading of Dispatches in thirty years: “The book hasn’t changed, of course, but I have.” Sentences such as that one remind me that reading hard, and writing hard, is a large part of my personal joy. The slides… they will happen, they always do.

On the matter of the postal increases, I have heard back from incoming ALA President Loriene Roy, who has discussed the issue with ALA’s Executive Board. I’ll keep you posted if other officials I wrote communicate back with me.

On the matter of Sacramento Public Library’s staff disputes, I’d like to hear the rest of the story. As a former shop steward, I’m aware that the press can spin coverage of issues. Then again, unions can flub their spin, too; if the staff were advised that raising a ruckus over the purchase of popular materials was a good approach, they were told wrong, and someone needed to have a blog up and ready with the staff’s point of view. Then again — again — it could be that the campaign is exactly as we see it. As more than one sage has noted, there are at least two sides to any story, and the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

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