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Recommendations for a Cabin of One’s Own?

I’m going to take a personal writing retreat starting, oh, say, in a week (after June 6, my last day of work), for about five or six days, and I have no idea where to go.

(I keep wanting to say “writing vacation,” but that’s backwards. Once my new job starts on June 23 I’m going to be very busy for a good long while, and I want to really dig in and enjoy some writing before I get going.)

I want to go somewhere that I can be happily anonymous (just that crazy old lady in boxer shorts, working away on her laptop all day when she could be Having Fun).

What I would really, really like: a cabin somewhere woodsy and quiet, in a setting where I can heat food, make my morning coffee, keep my laptop plugged in, and bathe once a day. I don’t even mind if “heating food” means I bring a small grill and cook a meal outside. I don’t mind driving a few hours to get there.

What would be very helpful: wifi (since I find half my writing depends on tapping in to research or files related to such). I have instructions for using my Blackberry as a modem, which is something I’m considering. Nearby access to Internet services would be a consideration — some place I could sit for an hour or two if I needed to do some digging and researching.

What isn’t that important: air conditioning (if I’m hot, I’m hot; I tolerate heat pretty well and have written quite a bit in my skivvies), lots of amenities, fabulous hiking and boating, dramatic views and scenery, great dining opportunities, elegant furnishings, etc.

What I hope to avoid: units conjoined with other units (by cabin, I mean a cabin, not a room in a lodge), loud people chattering outside my door, cross-country flights (too late for anything reasonable), and people I know. It’s ok if there are people wandering around, as long as I don’t have to interact with them and they aren’t bothering me. (Am I starting to sound like a cat?)

I’ve had this as a goal for a good year and a half,  and each time there have been very good reasons I’ve abandoned this plan. (I also have been rejected by one writing retreat and haven’t tried reapplying.) It was the right call each time (well, obviously, that retreat center was wrong, and boy oh boy, someday are they gonna know that, right?).

But this time I do not want to abandon this plan. If I have to, I’ll go sit in a motel room somewhere, which wouldn’t be terrible, but I do have fond thoughts of a little house in the big woods, where I can be terribly self-indulgent and focus on my writing.


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