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Comments and Surveys and Eli, Oh My!

Some of you who commented in the past ten days, or who read comments on this blog, may feel that you’re in a time warp. In viewing my Comments function in Movable Type I saw a good dozen trapped among the garbage. I pruned over 100 bad comments and made a pile go active (including responses from me). I was particularly pleased to see the response about Blogher, which sounds like such fun. Eli, Mary… you are both in the area! (Plus, Eli, congrats on law school! Rock on! Wasn’t SCU, or something with a name close to it, where the protagonist in Bend it like Beckham ended up?)

Also, today is the last day for this week’s FRL survey. Please visit the blog itself if you’d like to participate. The survey results will be announced tonight or tomorrow, when the urge to dither overwhelms the urge to write.

We now resume going over the new CMS for MPOW.

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