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Announcing Twitterprose

Roses love prosesThis morning I created Twitterprose, a microblog for great lines from creative nonfiction, updated once every day.

Twitterprose owes its inspiration to Twitterlit, which has been seducing me for weeks with first lines to wonderful novels. I felt creative nonfiction needed some twitterlove and that I was the person meant to open her heart to this project.

Notice that to start with, at least, I’m using LibraryThing URLs. I considered Amazon, and may still use it for books not in LibraryThing, but when possible, I want to guide readers to a noncommercial site that is about the life of the work in question. (“Work” is not a vague term here. There may be times that I link to journals or individual essays on the Web.)

For similar reasons, WorldCat doesn’t cut it for Twitterprose: there’s just not enough social information, and its display is medicinally dull.
In any event, if you haven’t tried Twitter, or if you’ve heard it’s just a place where people hang out and chatter (heaven forbid!), consider signing up to get Twitterprose… and many other wonderful tidbits of joy.

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