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Open Source Radio: Help Keep It Going

Open Source Radio is a wide-ranging, engaging, and all-around terrific show (and not just because they’ve had me on a couple of times). They are in a major funding realignment (how well I know about those), and though they just got a donation that will keep them going through the summer, they aren’t out of the woods yet for funding into the fall or beyond.

If you like this show, please donate (and if you’ve never listened, give it a shot). I took $20 from my last consulting gig and gave it to Open Source Radio — I wish it could be more, and when I get more work, I will make that wish come true.

I typically give a fairly nice chunk of change to my local NPR affiliate every year, but henceforth I’m tithing some of that to programs they don’t carry that I enjoy. Shows such as Open Source make it possible to listen to quality radio wherever I am, even Tallahassee. All hail the Interwebs!

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