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The Boomer’s Texting Vocabulary

No sooner had I announced Twitterprose than LibraryThing went down — it’s still broken, poor Thing. My clever distinction from Twitterlit (which I enjoy tremendously) was that my entries would be strictly from creative nonfiction and that whenever possible the links would go to LibraryThing entries or online journals. Since Twitterlit does a few nonfiction entries, without LT, I find myself scrambling to pull recommendations from online journals… but then, maybe that’s not a bad thing. Still, come back, LT, you’re missed.

Since I’m on two writing deadlines (a state of affairs that makes me quite happy) and am also gathering ideas and a feathered cap for my YouTube presentation on digital preservation and social networks, I’m going to pull some stuff from my writing notebook that I thought up in an airport bar: the Boomer’s Texting Vocabulary… handy shortcuts for those of us of a certain age. Feel free to share with your BFF Jill.

BTV (Boomer’s Texting Vocabulary)

WMG: Where’s my glasses?

WMK: Where’s my keys?

WAIITR: Why am I in this room?

WDIPMC: Where did I park my car?

IDR: I don’t remember

IFYRN: I forgot your real name

FANOI: F***, another night of insomnia

IIHIH: Is it hot in here?

OTDW: Open the damn window

WYG: Who’s your gyno?

HMUP: Help me up, please

WK: Which knee?

WH: Which hip?

WE: Which eye?

BCD: Bad Cholesterol Day

AMFB: After my first bypass

WTFIMD: Where the f*** is my defibrillator?

BRBGTP: Be right back, gone to pee

GTRP: Gone to refill prescription

BPM: Blood pressure meds

FCP: F****ing co-pay

LTOT: Lost train of thought

AG/NAG: Aging gracefully, not aging gracefully

KIR: Kid in room

KTD: Kids these days

WTYMA: Wait til you’re my age

NDY: Not dead yet!

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