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Presenting: My Top Ten Warm Fuzzies

I’ve been doing technology-related presentations for almost fifteen years now, and thought I’d stop to tell you what I like best when I do presentations.

1. When early on in the arrangements, the library, without any prompting from me, connects me with a tech guy or gal who holds my hand on the room setup.

2. When the answer to Internet access is “of course.” And the tech guy or gal tells me not to worry, he or she will be there to make sure it works fine.

3. When I am given such clear directions that I can’t possibly not find the library (or the place where I’m supposed to wait for my ride).

4. When I get into a presentation room and the tech guy or gal really is there or is very, very close by… and if something goes wrong, jumps on it until it’s fixed.

5. When the computer projector was bought in the same decade… and has enough lumens that I don’t have to turn out the lights when I talk… and has a nice crisp picture I don’t have to fiddle with.

6. When people laugh and shout out stuff while I’m presenting, or act disappointed when I move on from one of my favorite examples.

7. When I get a nice chunk of time to do Q&A.

8. When I get some Qs in the Q&A.

9. When I’m invited to send a follow-up email with any interesting URLs or tidbits mentioned in the talk.

10. When we all feel good walking out of the presentation room.

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