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Last call for input on Best/Worst Vendor/PR Pitches

I posted to various lists, but you may not have seen this. For an article for a general-interest online IT magazine (yes, your name in lights outside LibraryLand!), I’m looking  for pointers (anecdotes, horror stories, success stories…) on how  vendors and PR folks can best market or pitch their products to IT  managers — what approaches work, and which ones don’t.  (Kind of ironic considering yesterday’s post, though that works in the angle of how hard it is to communicate in a world where we have become very cautious!)

I have some great input, but feel free to add to the joy, no later than this Friday, July 13 (hmmm…). You can comment publicly, privately (just say you don’t want your comment published), or via email, kgs at freerangelibrarian dot com .

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