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The Talis Teleconference

So I’m sitting in this conference–Christina Pikas and I appear to be the two dames; I seem to know this whole group–and it’s a great discussion and I’ve pitched in but if you are not Rumpelstiltskin and you have been paying just the least attention, you too could have held your own with this group.

I bring this up not to disrespect a fascinating teleconference series, but because women too often downplay their skills and miss out on fun things.

Go Christina! I’m a tourist in this discussion, really, even though we are a hair’s breadth away from implementing tags in MPOW. Well, two hairs (only because we felt we should resolve the uber-design issues first and then delicately and carefully implement it in a usability-friendly way, given that during testing the evaluators repeatedly tagged when they thought they were searching… at one point I added the tag “cheese” to 18,000 items). But Christina is really rockin’ this discussion.

I look forward to seeing future topics and suggesting women whose voices belong in these discussions.

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