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Update on Threat to Postal Rates

Over the weekend I wrote about the threat to small and independent publishers from proposed postal rate hikes, which if not challenged will go into effect July 15, forcing subscription hikes and possibly causing some publications to fold.

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times published an editorial co-authored by Teresa Stack, president of The Nation, and Jack Fowler, publisher of The National Review, in which they wrote,

Our respective magazines — the Nation and the National Review — sit on opposite ends of the political spectrum and disagree on nearly every issue. But we concur on this: These proposed postal rate hikes are deeply unfair.

You can bet your last p-slip that when the gingham dog and the calico cat agree on an issue, it’s important. Please take time now to contact your local and national representatives — elective and library association. This is a core intellectual freedom issue, directly related to the right to read.

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