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I haz a job! (is neet! do like!)

R&D is very hard workYes, the long national nightmare is over! I have real employment, with great people in a wonderful organization!


(It was capitalized in the job announcement, so I assume that’s how it is usually spelled, OH, AND WHY NOT!)

And it is at:

College Center for Library Automation (CCLA)

Which despite not being in all caps is nonetheless:

a collaborative state-funded organization established in 1989, to provide and maintain the Library Information Network for Community Colleges (LINCC) to Florida’s 70+ community college libraries

And incredibly enough,the job actually entrusts me with MAJOR FUNCTIONS (also in caps), q.v.:

Monitors, assesses, and reports on library, information industry, and other standards for implications regarding CCLA/LINCC services and products. Coordinates CCLA consideration of emerging standards and technologies. Provides expertise on the integration of library and information industry standards (metadata controls, data structures, linking mechanisms, etc.) and related technologies into digital products and services provided by CCLA. Defines and recommends LINCC quality standards in cooperation with staff using established advisory processes. Monitors, assesses, and reports on technological trends for implications regarding CCLA/LINCC services and products. Monitors, investigates, tests and evaluates potential new or enhanced LINCC-related services and products as needed. Determines and documents feasibility, functional requirements, and product features. Proposes potential new applications for LINCC users and/or CCLA staff. Recommends appropriate implementation strategies for user needs and CCLA resources. Provides leadership for CCLA services and LINCC-related maintenance and development projects as designated. Coordinates all aspects of service/product design, development, delivery and resource utilization within CCLA’s team processes to ensure timely and effective implementation. Consults with CCLA staff, vendors, and other organizations as needed to deliver appropriate and timely services to LINCC users. Participates in CCLA planning, decision-making, and operations as member of teams and work groups. Maintains effective communications that keep CCLA staff informed of the status of all areas of responsibility and contribute to coordinated implementation of services. Provides input and advocacy regarding user needs, trends, and issues that can have an impact on CCLA/LINCC services. Serves as staff resource person in areas of responsibility. Represents CCLA at meetings and other professional events as required and makes presentations regarding CCLA/LINCC services as needed. Performs other duties as assigned.

Great job, huh? Thirty years in the full-time workforce, and this feels like one of those once-in-a-while jobs that offers everything — great people and organization, perfect responsibilities, a nice short commute, and a great location (who doesn’t want to say they work in Innovation Park?).

I took my time and so did they; I wanted this to be right (and I was willing to keep freelancing if it wasn’t, and passed up some other, not-quite-rights along the way). I’m happy, and so is Sandy (and I’m guessing the church will be, too). I start August 10. I’m going to take some personal writing time next week, after I wrap up a couple of deadlines, and we’re talking about going to Savannah the following week for a couple of days, returning just in time for me to dust off my workin’-lady clothes and find matching trouser socks.

Thanks to all of you who cheered me along and gave me advice… good to be back in the saddle again. I am sure my blogging will decrease quite a bit while I settle in to my new position (once I knew Real Employment was very likely in my near future, I stepped up blogging… revised some old essays… finally alphabetized my books… organized my office closet… and sent out a few more pieces… and slept in til 9:30 today, just because I could). But don’t worry, once in a while you’ll still see me out on the Free Range, postin’ away.

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