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Essay, “Range of Desire,” published in Nerve

I’m delighted to report that Nerve just published my essay, “Range of Desire. (No, that’s not me in the hot pants. I haven’t had a bottom like that in several decades.)

Nerve has an excellent pedigree and has published essays by people I would like to be. (I’d really like to be Steve Almond. Not only that, how wonderful that someone with his name wrote a book about candy!)

I will say that before I began looking at it for “fit” for this essay I was not likely to read Nerve, if only because I’m a little shy that way (though it’s very smart and readable). I am also not looking forward to the discussion that will inevitably take place when someone reviews my writing c.v.:

Them: So, what is “Range of Desire” about?

Me: Mumble… ah, mumble mumble. Um, guns and um, sex. Mumble. Yes, ah, er, lesbian sex. Mumble mumble mumble…

Anyway, I had another rejection today (the 9th for the essay in question) so this is a great example of one door closing and another (mumble mumble) opening.

Anyway, a good day.

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