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June, Spoon, Noon, Croon, Tune, & Sandy

I have all these grand thoughts I want to blog about, but I’m either bogged down in micro/maco work stuff or I’m doing personal writing of the long, non-bloggy type, or I am reading. Once in a while I do something beer-related, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. Under duress, I clean and garden.

Maybe it’s all cyclical? I spend some time on Facebook, a little on Twitter, and a lot more offline. I am refocusing on neglected personal-writing tasks that took a back seat to conference and travel activities. I have my taxes (yes, I filed an extension). We have also been organizing things.

Speaking of organizing things, sometimes people ask me how Sandy is doing. She’s doing very well (except for a bad cold) considering that she’s been out of work for a year. The process of finding a new church job is always slow, and even slower in this economy. Profiles get sent out, church committees meet… and meet.

Some of the well-intended approaches people recommend don’t really work. For example, she needs to stay in her denomination, which will mean we move somewhere at some point.  (This is something we hadn’t factored in when we moved here: there are almost no UCC churches in this area, and by that I mean a very broad geographic area.)

Prior to our move here, she had a series of successful jobs, so I am sure she will land another. It may take a more creative approach, and we are being very careful about the “where,” but it will happen.  We do think about issues such as indefinitely living on one income, COBRA running out, etc. — we have to.  Our heads are not in the sand.

I have a telework job; will I be able to stay in this job if we move? It all depends. Teleworking a short hop from Atlanta would certainly work. Teleworking from Juneau might not. (No, there is no chance we are going to Juneau.) Honestly, I don’t worry about those issues. I am too busy!

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