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ALA offers Wireless for ALA Council, Staff

Posted yesterday to the ALA Council list: “Following up on our discussions over the last several months, we have arranged for wireless internet connections in the Orange County Convention Center to be offered to the ALA Executive Board and Council during the ALA Annual Conference in Orlando.” ALA is ponying up $4,000 for 200 logins, and I am not the first to suggest that if at future conferences, ALA offered it to all registrants at $20 or $30, we’d all save a pile of money over what we’d pay for wireless individually, and it could be a way to raise money.

In my dream, there’s a “wireless at ALA” check-off on the conference registration page, noting that “a portion of this fee goes to ALA scholarships and awards,” with a check-off list for designating where you want the donation to go. Your dream may vary.

If you too want wireless at ALA, send a message to and let them know! They need the input.

If you are a Councilor and are hoping I’ll help you walk your way through this when we get there, I’m sad to say I’m missing ALA because it conflicts with the start of my second master’s program. Go bug Jessamyn (though she won’t be there til Monday) or ask questions now! Anyone for a Council Buddy List?

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