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Category Archives: Recto and Verso

The Library Blogs I Read

Here’s my quick and dirty list of the library blogs I read on a regular basis. I just added Peter Murray’s Disruptive Library Technology Jester, which has to be my all-time favorite blog title, though his tagline is bit odd–Peter’s a librarian, not a library, eh wot? Bookmark to:

Other Things I’ve Written

This entry logs some of the other articles and works I’ve written (most of them don’t show up in Google Scholar, for what that’s worth). Internet Librarian (column for American Libraries, 1995-2002): This is a partial archive. I’ll work on the gaps with My Friend Google. 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Other […]


Biblioblogosphere: the loose collective of librarian bloggers Biblish: library jargon (with thanks to RLG) The Big O: OCLC, a huge “nonprofit” FRL: Free Range Librarian (this blog) LibraryLand: the world of librarianship MPOW: My Place Of Work YPOW: Your Place of Work To be continued… Bookmark to:

Talks and Tours, 2005

In the last decade, I have given dozens of presentations on topics ranging from intellectual freedom to technology trends. Due to my school schedule through summer 2006, my dog-n-pony shows not related to my day job at My Place of Work are limited to a few favorite stops, but if after that caveat you’d like […]

FRL: RSS 1 or RSS 2?

I’ve noticed that twice as many of you are subscribed to the FRL RSS 1 feed. If your aggregator (blog reading software) supports it, consider switching to FRL’s RSS 2 feed, (also listed on the purple navigation bar). You’ll get the full post in most cases, and your aggregator will get updated when people […]

New Home for Free Range Librarian

Welcome to, the new home for the eponymous Free Range Librarian. If you are reading the RSS feed, note that this blog has a NEW feed. Delete your old feed for FRL and replace it with this one: Comment registration: If you are a Typekey user (Typeky is a free service, by the […]

How to Comment on Posts

If you are a registered Typekey user (Typekey is a free service, by the way), you can comment on any FRL entry automatically. If you are not a Typekey user, your comments will be held for moderation. This is to kill the evil sp*m monster (surely the Voldemort of blogging). In any event, posting guidelines […]

Comment Guidelines

I moderate comments on this blog primarily to kill the evil sp*m monster (surely the Voldemort of blogging), but also because I’ve had a few trolls under my bridge. Mostly I moderate after the fact, and if you’ve successfully posted on FRL before and haven’t been banned (which only happened to one person, a creep […]


Trying to reach me? Try kgs at bluehighways dot com or AIM/Skype freerangelib (Also see Commenting Guidelines and if you need it, my CV) Free Range Librarian comprises the public, oft-daily mumblings and grumblings of one K.G. Schneider, a writer and librarian who has published over 100 articles and 2 books, primarily about Internet technologies […]

FRL’s Story

(Updated 6/04) That title is misleading, because I am not at liberty to discuss the whole story–why Free Range Librarian, which began as a monthly serial published on a public Web site, suddenly vanished after two well-received issues in the fall of 2002. I will have to save that for another time, another day (another […]