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New Home for Free Range Librarian

Welcome to, the new home for the eponymous Free Range Librarian. If you are reading the RSS feed, note that this blog has a NEW feed. Delete your old feed for FRL and replace it with this one:

Comment registration: If you are a Typekey user (Typeky is a free service, by the way), you can comment on any entry automatically; if you are not a Typekey user, your comments will be held for moderation. This is to kill the evil sp*m monster (surely the Voldemort of blogging). In any event, posting guidelines still hold, although almost never do I need to say that (I only have one troll doll in my collection).

New URL structure: I changed the file structure for URLs on this site to enable more capabilities and to make the file structure slightly more mnenomic (for me, at least). Every URL now has the date, the category, and the first fifteen letters of the post title.

New design and colors: finally, a three-column style, thanks to Someone reviewing the draft of the site yesterday commented on the Library-Flavored Blogroll, which had been pushed way below the fold. I will tweak and groom that blogroll tonight.

Other tweaks are things I’ll get around to “terrectly,” as they say in the South.

You know, it is easy being green!

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