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Every Time You Hear a Bell, a Blog Gets its Wings

Stephen Abrams has an interesting post, itself a riff on a post by Cory Doctorow, about the rise in blog usage.

Here at FRL, which is more of a personal blog rather than one heavily promoted and marketed, I can see the blog-as-trend phenom in action. Look at the statistics for for the first quarter of this year and last:

Jan 2006: 404119 requests, 190970 pages
Feb 2006: 378640 requests, 168411 pages
Mar 2006: 461715 requests, 216565 pages

Mar 2005: 177849 requests, 75963 pages
Feb 2005: 129930 requests, 55500 pages
Mar 2005: 177849 requests, 75963 pages

So even a lightly-promoted library blog should see similar trends. Miriam? Thoughts?

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