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Monthly Archives: June 2006

Chris Rose at his ALA Booth

Chris Rose at his ALA Booth Originally uploaded by freerangelibrarian. Chris Rose, Times-Picayne reporter, whose columns about life after Katrina are collected in the must-read, must-buy book, 1 Dead in Attic. I heard him at a reading Sunday night, and this guy could read tax forms and make it all funny and new. He’s not […]

2.0: Where are the women?

Measured in terms of actual participation: OCLC’s report on Web 2.0 features five men and one woman. Sunday’s LITA Top Tech Trends Panel at ALA: seven men, including the moderator; one woman (me). ALA’s “Future of Search” presentation: three men. Yes, I’m just plucking three events/publications out of the recent bibliomiasma… but these are all […]

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, to ALA I Go

It has been a week where I have barely gotten a lick in on my MFA major project, what with ALA-ness and work-ness and life-ness swirling up storms of activity over the superheated waters of my world. However, without sounding too cocky, I’m in really good shape with my thesis and its lucky thirteen essays. […]

MPOW getting fruit-juicy features

I cannot say another word just yet, but we have some nifty stuff going on at My Place Of Work involving a new search engine with yummylicious capabilities. Bookmark to:

The Library 2.0 Cafeteria

My latest piece, just up on the Techsource blog (lovely graphics courtesy of our wonderful editor, Teresa)! Oh, and the camera did arrive… Bookmark to:

Top Technology Trends: Speak to me, oh FRL Readers

I’m starting way, way late on this thread. I don’t leave for ALA until Saturday morning, and I’ve been distracted by things at My Place Of Work (MPOW) and elsewhere. Plus my brain is blank. White, Arctic, empty-screen, blank. All I can think is this: Librarianship is finally moving into the second person plural. We […]

Jenny and Andrew: Change is Good

Old news for many of you by now, but Jenny Levine got a new job as a social-software-guru at ALA, while Andrew Pace, American Libraries columnist (as I once was), just launched an ALA blog. Keep your eyes on both of them. Bookmark to:

Resolutions at ALA: Never Mind

Lois Ann Gregory-Wood reminded me that resolutions aren’t read out loud. They are placed on a table and Council simply votes on the whereas clauses. I believe there is usually a moment of silence where the members are acknowledged… so scratch that request for taping/recording John Iliff’s resolution. Bookmark to:

Volunteers to Take Pix/Film John Iliff’s Memorial Resolution?

Thanks to the many people who provided input on John Iliff’s memorial resolution. With the assistance of ALA’s ever-helpful Lois Ann Gregory-Wood, I have pinned down when the resolution will be read. ALA policy states, “Memorial resolutions, tributes, and testimonials will be presented to Council at the beginning of the last session of Council at […]

Yes, “A Terrible Title”

(Update: One correction below!) Over on his blog, while discussing what he calls “yet another public library perceptions report,” Lorcan Dempsey remarks on the “terrible title” employed for the report, “Long Overdue: A Fresh Look at Public and Leadership Attitudes about Libraries in the 21st Century” (grab the PDF here–must they all be in PDF..?) […]