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Creative Nonfiction Workshop, Leon County Library: Follow-up

As promised, here are the links from today’s workshop (plus any more I added AFTER the workshop). Thanks for showing up! I’m writing this in advance, but I’m sure we had fun.

Here’s the link to Tallahassee Writers’ Association. Come to a meeting! Our next meeting is Thursday, August 21 at the American Legion.  I’ll be there — feel free to sit with me and I’ll introduce you around.

This is a wiki page for workshops I’ve taught about “writing for the web.” The handouts are particularly useful if you’re thinking about writing, and the syllabus lists some great examples of (online) creative nonfiction.

It’s just one woman’s list, but here’s my LibraryThing collection of creative nonfiction. The library also owns some of these books and for materials they don’t own, they can get them for you through interlibrary loan.

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