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Category Archives: Family Values

Riding at the Front of the Bus

Just over four years ago, in front of family and friends and a few surprised tourists, Sandy and I were married at San Francisco City Hall. Our marriage was eventually declared invalid, and the recent ruling in California won’t change that. We can get married again in California (or Massachusetts, or Canada), and probably will, […]

Getting a (goals-based) life

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” — Proverbs 29:18 About a year ago I stated quite firmly that I don’t do professional goals. But before I launch into that, I’m aware I’ve been relatively quiet here. My bloggy silence is due to a combination of bad stress and good stress that has eaten […]

FRL Continues its Inexorable March Toward World Domination

O.k., this blog isn’t really after world domination… I suspect I’d have to post a lot more often, for starters, and besides, I have to get ready for the Florida Library Association conference. But on a whim I created a Facebook page for Free Range Librarian, and then posted it to my Facebook profile, and […]

Best. News. Ever!

Our friend Gail just received a kidney/pancreas, after what felt like a decades-long wait. If you “mean to” get around to ensuring you’re a donor, please do it. Someone’s decision gave Gail a new lease on life. Bookmark to:

Driving a hybrid on my Lenten journey

I’m not really driving a hybrid (not that I would object if Santa put a forest-green Prius in my stocking this year); I still have my 1993 Honda Civic, which gets a respectable mileage for its 4-mile commute to my office. So the title of this post is a metaphor for how I’m approaching Lent […]

Taking a Breather

Note: you can email and IM me at . Or  twitter me at kgs, or poke me on Facebook. A couple of weeks ago a physicist who had been exchanging pleasantries by email with me commented that I seemed down, and I told him it felt as if my life were assembled from someone […]


A tree in our front yard is brushed with pink, and grey-green streams of Spanish moss sway in the breeze. Woody, a huge woodpecker in tuxedo and bright red fez, clings to a telephone pole as he drills for his petit dejeuner, rat-a-tat-tat, rat-a-tat-tat. Black Cat, our scruffy neighborhood scout, patrols up and down the […]

Christianity 2.0

The United Church of Christ is soliciting members to create short videos on YouTube. For that matter, the UCC has its own YouTube space. With the help of a young sidekick (code name Fellini–he’s a librarian’s son, too) I’ve been taping services since we got here earlier this month with an eye to putting the […]

Set Piece

I was wandering through the “generics” section of a grocery store in Manhattan in the early 1980s–row after row of black and white boxes with no-nonsense labels such as OATMEAL and PAPER TOWELS–when I heard a woman whisper to her shopping mate, “This must be what the Soviet Union is like.” Among other purchases deferred […]

Six Dollars and Forty Two Cents

By the time the moving truck rolled away yesterday afternoon, I had collected $6.42 from the change scattered under couches and beds, lurking in dark corners, and falling out of pockets of the last few things I stuffed into boxes. I will stuff this found money in an envelop and save it for Tallahassee–perhaps for […]