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A Couple of Urgent Updates!

O.k., maybe not THAT urgent… but two things: 1. The technology conference survey I posted today has a new URL. 2. My request for input about OPACs? If you prefer, you may write me off-blog at (some people already have…!) . I will guard your confidentiality. Bookmark to:

Another one bites the dust

Don’t let the door hit you in the butt. Bookmark to:

Three out of four people read books!

The “news” that a sizable minority of the population doesn’t read books appears scary, until you turn it around. A thousand years ago, well over ninety percent of the population worked a long day and went home to stare in the fire all night. Now three out of four people read, and the rest are […]

Bobbing to the surface

My new job is fine… I’ve just been busy at night moving the church website and email from a local, Windows-only ISP (where Sandy couldn’t retrieve her work email anywhere than… work, unless you count Squirrelmail as a serious webmail client, and I don’t) to Dreamhost (for the website) and Fastmail (for the hosted domain […]

Seven Goals for a New Job

One nice part about life is how many do-overs you get, on everything from your love life to your hair color. Tomorrow I get my first Tallahassee Do-Over, where I start a new full-time job that sounds like a great match. But like relationships, good jobs don’t happen on their own; they take work, commitment, […]

Going off the grid…

Free Range Librarian is taking a short break. I’ll be back in several days. I had thought I’d do one last now-I’m-going-off-the-grid-and-here’s-my-last-gasp post, but then I flew into an office-cleaning frenzy, complete with flying rags and huge bags stuffed with old paper… I’m so enchanted with my efforts; I’m just five bookends away from perfection. […]

I haz a job! (is neet! do like!)

Yes, the long national nightmare is over! I have real employment, with great people in a wonderful organization! As a: RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT (It was capitalized in the job announcement, so I assume that’s how it is usually spelled, OH, AND WHY NOT!) And it is at: College Center for Library Automation (CCLA) Which […]

Not a creature was stirring…

Someone asked why PUBLIB (the discussion list for public librarians) was so quiet this weekend. A few people tore themselves away from HP7 (as some refer to the last Harry Potter book) to say, in essence, “Dude, we’re reading.” As of Sunday, I was number 231 on the library reserve list, which is entirely my […]

Siva to be Fellow at the Institute for the Future of the Book

I’m finishing a talk I’m giving this Friday so my mind is elsewhere, floundering in the PowerPoint, but I was delighted by this news from the Institute for the Future of the Book (and intrigued by the topic of Siva’s next book project): We are proud to announce that the brilliant media scholar and critic […]

This is a test

Of the emergency blogcasting system… I’m just trying scheduled posts. This should post around 7 a.m. ET on July 15. Bookmark to: