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MPOW Seeks Search Engine Evaluators

(This is the 1,000th entry in Free Range Librarian!) The new search engine has been through its most rudimentary review at a super-secret hidden test server for My Place Of Work, and we’re now looking for people willing to give anywhere from five minutes to a half hour or longer next week to attempt tasks, […]

MPOW getting fruit-juicy features

I cannot say another word just yet, but we have some nifty stuff going on at My Place Of Work involving a new search engine with yummylicious capabilities. Bookmark to:

MPOW Teeshirt and boxer shorts

LII Teeshirt (men’s XL) and boxer shorts Originally uploaded by I’m sorry, here I am disturbing the Veil of My Place Of Work, but we just got a rush order of the SWAG we’ve been developing for our new store, and I can’t STAND how CUTE those boxer shorts are! Bookmark to:

Once Upon a Midnight Query…

It’s sunny today, Palo Alto sunny, warm and beautiful. I’ve been at work since O’dark-thirty, doing the weekly publishing thang, and I’m taking a ginger ale and blogging break for a minute. Here at My Place Of Work I’ve been dealing with the budget issues–more on that when I have news, assuming it’s the sort […]

Invasion of Grantistan!

Hey! This is MY office!, originally uploaded by freerangelibrarian. So I come back from a tea-making trip to discover that MPOW Central was under occupation. Not only that, but after the bird finally decided to leave, it continued to stand outside my office, glaring at me! Bookmark to:

Funniest Comment So Far from the MPOW Survey

As I patiently hand-code the user comments in the survey for My Place Of Work (2,000 down, 4,000 to go!), I come across quite a bit of humor from librarians in the trenches. My favorite so far: “We could have the government declare war on you, then spend billions to subsidize your infrastructure…” Bookmark to:

MPOW Annual User Survey Results

This is just a preliminary report on the 2006 user survey at My Place Of Work (MPOW). I’m writing this prior to going to PLA, in preconference gear-up mode, so it’s somewhat rudimentary. But I wanted to THANK everyone who contributed. We had over 6,000 completed surveys, 1,471 suggestions for addressing our budget shortfall, and […]

MPOW Presentation to SLA and PLA

Last Thursday I gave a talk about My Place Of Work to the Sierra Chapter of the Special Library Association, and next week (Thursday, 3/23, 4-5:15 p.m.) I’m giving pretty much the same talk (but co-presented with Buff Hirko of Washington State) to the Public Library Association. If PLA is anything like SLA was, this […]

The Good Vendors

Today I think I talked to at least three vendors we work with from time to time. It reminded me of how much I like all but two vendors I’ve worked with at MPOW (and no, you won’t hear about Those Two on this blog; they are part of MPOW’s past). I don’t mean “am […]

Election Day for MPOW

I used to walk the polls every election day. In fact, I was elected to Democratic Party office, Back In The Day (twice, to the New York State Democratic Committee), and then I really walked the polls, side by side with the district leader. Every election day brought that netherworld, surgery-ward-waiting-room feeling that it’s too […]