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Category Archives: Librarian Wisdom

Amazon, Kindle, and Orwell: Horse, Meet the Barn Door

David Pogue, tech enthusiast for the New York Times, is shocked, shocked that Amazon yanked Orwell’s books from the Kindle. But as Tim Spalding pointed out over on Web4Lib, it’s naïve to focus on Amazon and the Kindle. “People need to get over the idea that ebooks are ‘just’ books,” Tim wrote. “Just because you […]

A Few Tips for Senator Storm

In libraries, for instance, I advocated for protecting the book budget but advocated against spending to buy television sit-coms, such as Seinfeld. Also, as a long-term strategy, I advocated for abandoning the Dewey Decimal System (DDS) and advocated for a more user-friendly method such as that used by any national book chain. The harsh reality […]

The Amazing Power of Libraries: A Holiday Story, With Gumdrops, Even

[Note: there is absolutely no way I can improve on this message, which just came across the transom to PUBLIB, the 7,000-member discussion list for public librarians, so I’ll just shut up and let the message speak for itself. Please share — and a most joyous, and thoughtful, holiday to each and every one of […]

New job, Community Librarian, Equinox, Woohoo!

A quick lunchtime post (written in the wee hours, embargoed until now) since I’ve received email that tells me the press release is filtering out across the Internet’s series of tubes… First, I’m going to miss My (Current) Place Of Work. They are great folks and when I said I was leaving they expressed great […]

Independence Every Day

I woke up early this morning, Independence Day, because I don’t have any goals. I don’t mean I don’t have goals for today; I do indeed. I will make Green Goddess vegetable dip, I will limit myself to one small plate of treats at the pool party, I will perform one household task from the […]

Twitterprose and the Expanding Bread Loaf of Any IT Project

Note: somewhere in this wee catechism is the request for assistance to create a custom WordPress feed, possibly in Atom (only because it’s an unused feed in a WordPress installation I’m using). I’ve found some documentation, but real-world experience would be gratefully received.) ———————– A few months back I wrote for Techsource about the need […]

Nicole’s Burnout Blues

Nicole, over on “What I learned today,” wonders if she’s burned out. Just because she’s working, blogging, presenting, and trying to sell a house at the same time? What I say here is nothing new, really… which is partly why I’m blogging it: because I’ve got so much happening this week that even Gormania can’t […]

Wireless at ALA

An update on the wireless issue. Some folks had wanted to know why ALA couldn’t buy this for everyone, or why Only Council was getting this “perk.” That’s because this is a maiden voyage for ALA and they want to get it right. (Remember how you kvetched at the minor problems when ALA launched e-voting […]

Please Do Not Googlebomb LII

(Update: Cohen has called off the Googlebomb.) I woke up this morning to see a well-meaning request to Googlebomb LII (the place where I work… o.k., I know you know that, but there is a very intentional veil between FRL and LII). Not only that, Jessamyn has already critiqued the practice. Lordy, lordy… can’t a […]

GMail: Google Stepped In It

“All this handringing by librarians and others is ridiculous. Google is a commercial service and business. They clearly state what they will be doing. If you don’t like it go someplace else. Also, remember the old internet adage: ‘Do not send stuff in an e-mail that you would not want on the front page of […]