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Code4Lib 2006!

I remember Roy Tennant talking about this… now it is happening, and I believe the webpage when it says it is “*the* event for technologists building digital libraries and digital information systems, tools, and software.” As Jessamyn notes, code4lib is a sort of a south of the border Access, one of the most bleeding-edge, ultra-hot, extreme-tech conferences around (though I don’t think it’s replacing Access). I plan to go (as me, as MPOW, and as a Roy and Art groupie), even though I’ll miss the first day due to my class schedule.

I’m particularly tickled because after meeting the lovely and gracious Canadian folk at the OLA conference last year, I had really, really wanted to go to Access, but had to pass it up because it planted itself squarely in my class schedule (how could they not first coordinate with me?).

I can’t imagine saying anything intelligent at a presentation or even a five-minute talk, but I plan to be there to absorb it all! Maybe Sandy can come and we’ll spend Saturday seeing Oregon.

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