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Alice in Academia

I made it through my first official day, after a harrowing beginning in which the dry cleaner’s equipment was broken so they could not retrieve my jacket, which caused me to fly home and grab a blouse that made my carefully-planned outfit look more like, well, an outfit.

That was followed by driving in circles for twenty minutes and having a nice chat with a motorcyle cop who basically said, yes, parking–it’s hard.

So I arrived feeling gauche, disoriented, and un-suave, boggled by this brave new world, but everyone was so welcoming (as I note on the blog I set up for my office, which is a temporary blog until we get our own blogging platform going early in 2007–more about that later on q.v.).

Everyone was wonderful, the day was a blur (I baked four chocolate pecan pies for a church bazaar and fell asleep on the couch at 9:30), and I have too much homework. I’m also baking cookies for our parisioners’ open house a week from tomorrow and tweaking the configuration of our new home entertainment system. I was totally cool with it until I realized I was short one HDMI cable (for the entertainment system, not the cookies). (If you route a cable IN to something, it has to come OUT, as well.) I’m also wondering if HDMI upconversion works with pass-through receivers or if I need to go directly from the upconverting DVD player into the TV and then route the audio through the receiver, but that may be more than you needed to hear about this issue.

Off to shower, deliver pies, and bake cookies, whilst I read QERs and climate surveys and policy manuals, oh my!

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