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Google Book Search on Open Source Radio

On Monday, December 5, 7 p.m. ET, Open Source Radio will feature a show about Google Book Search and the Google Library Project.

I (wearing my gadfly librarian blogger hat) am a likely (but not slam-dunk) participant on that program. If I speak, it will not be on the legal issues but on the implications Google Book Search will have on libraries. In the pre-talk interview, some issues that seemed appealing to Open Source were my comments that libraries were using online resources to meet users where they already are–using networked information–and that paper books regardless, libraries have a crucial and vibrant role in tomorrow’s society as information cultural centers, information literacy leaders, content brokers, gatherers and digitizers of local information, lifelong learning, literacy, advocacy for intellectual freedom and equitable access–stuff you and I take for granted but I realize, outside the borders of LibraryLand, is often fresh and new to others.

I was encouraged to express my delight/concern over Google Book Search–delight that it is happening, concern that it happen in a way that preserves fair use, privacy, and the public information sphere.

Now, of course, I’m not representing librarianship–whatever I say is just my personal opinion! (mildly wicked grin) That said, what you think matters a lot, O Ye of the BiblioGooglesphere. Comment here, comment there, write your own post (and tell me about it), or IM me at liichief.

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