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Ooh la la Leslie!

Michael reports that Alan says that Leslie Burger has resumed blogging. Yay Leslie! I concur with Michael that her post about talking to strangers on ALA buses is fun and on target (and in its own way tied in with all that Web 2.0 discussion; after all, the human brain is still the best social software around). In Chicago a friend and I shared a cab with one handsome and oddly familiar stranger who turned out to be former ALA executive director Robert Wedgeworth. He shared that he was one of the founding members of LITA, and noted how many founding members of LITA had gone on to do great things. One short cab ride, one brief encounter, and two of us were all the richer for it.

I also give Leslie props for the post about the 12-kid sleepover… I would have had a nervous breakdown. (But in that picture she’s dressed the way I usually am for work!)

Welcome back to the Biblioblogosphere… I look forward to seeing the “Burger Blog” over the next year or so. If we can answer any questions/offer any help, do ask away.

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