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Category Archives: Tallahassee Living

My Christmas Letter

I don’t get Christmas letters any more, and that’s a good thing. How I loathed them. “We had an amazing year! Look how well we did! Life is great!” I was able to stumble through the year, for better or worse, until my life was held up against someone’s improbable standard. This won’t be that […]


“Books won’t help you.” I had been stammering through a discussion with a contractor about redoing our master bathroom. My brain started stumbling at the first notes of disapproval in his voice. I could hear him take a breath before he spoke. “How am I supposed to git you a quote  when you don’t even […]

Honey, I shrank the budget

I’ve been up since 4 a.m. — want to be productive? Try menopause! — so I’ll keep this to one heartfelt recommendation: Garrison Keillor’s short essay, “Bridges aren’t supposed to fall down.” (Though if you’re up for a second recommendation — same broad topic, in a way, but much subtler — read “Exit Wounds,” Pankaj […]

Seven Goals for a New Job

One nice part about life is how many do-overs you get, on everything from your love life to your hair color. Tomorrow I get my first Tallahassee Do-Over, where I start a new full-time job that sounds like a great match. But like relationships, good jobs don’t happen on their own; they take work, commitment, […]

Basic Training

“Go down the road that jogs off the main road, then turn right at the stump of the cypress tree that ain’t there no more, then pass by where the Monky Ward’s used to be, then go about half a mile to the place, I think it used to be an Esso, not sure any […]

I haz a job! (is neet! do like!)

Yes, the long national nightmare is over! I have real employment, with great people in a wonderful organization! As a: RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT (It was capitalized in the job announcement, so I assume that’s how it is usually spelled, OH, AND WHY NOT!) And it is at: College Center for Library Automation (CCLA) Which […]

Vendor article up; bargains in Florida

My latest article for IT Manager’s Journal, Vendor Confidential: How to Sell to the IT Crowd, went live this afternoon. I turned it in this morning… I love online publications. Love my editor, as well. Meanwhile, I try very hard to keep this blog work-safe, but with the news that the uber-pious Rep. Allen had […]

My Life, My Work: A Brief Update

Thanks to all of you who checked in when you heard that as of mid-April I have been unemployed (or “freelancing,” as I prefer to think of it). Here’s where I am: I do not yet have permanent employment (either local or as a satellite employee), but I have some nibbles in that direction, some […]

The Unmentionable Tallahassee Issue Gets Mentioned

(In anticipation of my forthcoming job in academia, which surely requires at least a modicum of decorum even in one’s personal venues, I decided not to use several possible titles for this entry–but don’t let me stop you from suggesting them..) Today a journalist at the Tallahassee Democrat broke the usual silence about one of […]